A Sad Day for Eerdmans” by Rachel Bomberger

Rachel Bomberger
Rachel Bomberger

Rachel Bomberger is enjoying her last day as the Eerdmans copywriter. As of Monday, she will stepping into a new role as Internet Marketing Manager.

Today is Debbie’s last day at Eerdmans, and we’re all a little sad.

But who is Debbie, you ask? And why on earth should you care that she’s leaving?

For the past eighteen months, Debbie Head has been the Internet Marketing Manager at Eerdmans — fearless leader of a very small department (just herself) responsible for a lot of very big things: the Eerdmans.com website, our Twitter feed and Facebook fan page, our e-newsletters, online advertising and promotions, and more.

If you’ve ever read a tweet from @Eerdmansbooks, that was probably Debbie.

If you’ve ever participated in a lively back-and-forth with “Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Co.” on Facebook, you were really chatting with Debbie.

If you’ve ever visited our website, opened one of our e-newsletters, or encountered one of our books on Scribd, LibraryThing, or GoodReads, you are familiar with Debbie’s handiwork.

Thisblog has been Debbie’s baby since its earliest inception — when it was little more than a twinkle in her eye — and she has continued to oversee every bit of its development, editing, design, and production. Any unsigned posts on EerdWord might just as well have been credited, “by Debbie Head.”

Debbie has also been hard at work for the past year on a special project very near to all our hearts: a completely new Eerdmans.com website — an online destination that will be bigger, better, prettier, and much easier to use than our current site has ever been. (We had hoped to introduce you to our new website before Debbie left, but due to a number of unforeseen delays, we will all have to wait a few more months for that pleasure.)

Today, though, Debbie is leaving Eerdmans, and we are sad. Not for her, of course. She’ll be moving across the country to marry, start a new life, and begin another brilliant chapter in her career. We wish her well.

We are sad because we’ll miss her. We’ll miss her fun and cheerful spirit, her competence and professionalism, and (most of all, perhaps) her courage and can-do attitude about the constantly evolving complexities of promoting and selling Eerdmans books on the web.

Debbie Head
Debbie Head

Debbie has been so indispensable to Eerdmans, in fact, that when she leaves, it will take two Eerdfolks to replace her. I’ll be taking over as Internet Marketing Manager, and Becki Dubois, our talented new Internet Marketing Assistant, will be working with me. Together we plan not only to carry on faithfully in our current online activities but also to embark on a number of new ventures: launching our new website, expanding our online advertising presence, participating in new social media platforms like Google +, and exploring myriad other opportunities we have yet even begun to imagine.

We are excited, of course, and more than a little scared — and wishing, most of all, that Debbie could be here with us for it all.

If you’ve appreciated your online interaction with our outgoing Internet Marketing Manager and would like to leave a farewell note for Debbie, please jot down a few words in the comments section. We’ll make sure she gets them.