And the Winners Are . . .

Many thanks to everyone who entered photos in our 100th Anniversary Eerdmans Photo Contest on Facebook. We were thoroughly impressed by the creativity, cleverness, and beauty of the photos we received. If it had been feasible, we would gladly have awarded top prizes to all contestants, but it wasn’t . . . and anyway, where would have been the fun in that?

Here, then, is how we determined the winners (lest you be tempted to think we just threw darts blindfolded to pick our favorites):

  • Numbered flyers of all eligible photos were printed and displayed in a well-lit common area.
  • All Eerdfolks were invited to view the photos and cast one ballot per person indicating their first, second and third place choices.
  • Votes were weighted (first choice: five points, second choice: three points, third choice: one point), and voters were encouraged think carefully about the order of their choices. Voters were also encouraged to bear in mind the criteria stated in the contest rules: 1.) Creativity (make your photos one of a kind) 2.) Composition (frame your photos well) 3.) Clarity (don’t submit a blurry image we can’t see).
  • Votes were tallied by the members of the Internet Marketing Department.

The winners are at the bottom — but first (drum roll, please), enjoy the splendid runners up . . .

Honorable Mentions (in order of last name, not merit):
Jonathon Bakker, “A Sermonwriter’s Best Friends!”
Josh Dear, “Discussing my favorite Eermans books with F. Dale Bruner”
Josh Dear, “Visiting with Bible scholar and friend, F. Dale Bruner”
Josh Dear “Visiting with Eerdmanns author, F. Dale Bruner”
Pamela Ehrenberg, “Light, Reflected”
Cheryl Iverson, “Emma and her work”
Jeremy O’Clair, “Athena and the Parthenon”
Jeff Oien, “The Sermon on the Mount by Marin Lloyd-Jones”
Jeff Oien, “Two in Matthew”
Joel Watts, “The Scholar’s Two Horizons”
Jim West, “Enlightening”
Jim West, Untitled
Bethany Wheeler, “The Child’s Story Bible”
Patrick Wheeler, “Apostolic Preaching of the Cross (1)”
Patrick Wheeler,  “Apostolic Preaching of the Cross (2)”
Patrick Wheeler, “Apostolic Preaching of the Cross (3)”
David Withun, “Begging for more good books”

19th Place
David Withun
“Even the littlest one inherited my love for history!”
18th Place
Sharon Anderson
“After 9/11”
16th Place (tie)
Alejandro Eacalante
“Prodigious Index Finger No. 1”
16th Place (tie)
Jeremy O’Clair
“Quick! Turn to Acts 17!”
14th Place (tie)
Jeremy O’Clair
“Glimpse: old and new”
14th Place (tie)
Jeremy O’Clair
“Enlightening Background Reading in Person”
11th Place (tie)
A. B. Stephens
“A History of the Church in Latin America by Enrique Dussel”
11th Place (tie)
Cliff VanNostrand
“Paul expounds the Gospel to the Romans”
11th Place (tie)
Deon VanNostrand
“Eerdmans: A Logo You Can Trust”
10th Place
Bethany Wheeler
“The Child’s Story Bible (1)”
8th Place (tie)
Bethany Wheeler
“The Child’s Story Bible (2)”
8th Place (tie)
A.B. Stephens
“Virtue and the Voice of God: Toward Theology as Wisdom”
7th Place
Craig Hurst
“Do I have an Evangelical Mind?”
6th Place
Pamela Ehrenberg
“Ethan, Suspended”
4th Place (tie)
Chris Willbanks
“Got Eerdmans?”
4th Place (tie)
Roy Howard
This book asks the tough questions. 3rd Place, winner of a $100 gift certificate to Eerdmans
Daniel McClellan
“Did God Have a Wife?”
2nd Place, winner of a $200 gift certificate to Eerdmans
Doug Iverson
“Emma’s Kindergarten Project”
Grand Prize, winner of a $500 gift certificate to Eerdmans
Laura Elliott
“Little Preacher”

All prize winners will be contacted by email this afternoon to arrange the awarding of prizes. Congratulations!