Eerdmans has long had a mild obsession with the Dead Sea Scrolls — one that has driven us to publish dozens of Scrolls-related books over the years by a veritable Who’s Who of experts in the field. James VanderKam, Florentino Garcia Martinez, John J. Collins, Eugene Ulrich, Jodi Magness,  Maxine Grossman, James Davila, Joseph A. Fitzmyer . . . the list goes on and on.

Archaeology DSS Catalog Cover

They’re all right here.

Thus, when Google announced earlier this week that it has digitized five of the most important Scrolls and plans to scan and put nearly the entire online by 2016 — well, we were understandably excited.

As we, together with Scrolls fans worldwide (you know who you are!), prepare to dip into Google’s rich trove, we naturally have a few good books to recommend as supplemental reading. More than a few, actually — so, rather than highlighting just one or two books here on the blog, we’ve gone a step further and assembled our entire collection of Dead Sea Scrolls and biblical archaeology titles into one convenient, easy-to-browse catalog on Edelweiss.

What is Edelweiss, you may ask? Edelweiss is a service that enables book publishers like us to create and maintain digital catalogs online. You can find all of Random House’s latest catalogs there. And Thomas Nelson’s. And Cambridge University Press’s. Even Harlequin’s (if you’re into that sort of thing). 

Since we joined in June, we’ve loaded all our frontlist and backlist catalogs — and had a lot of fun with a feature that allows us to create specialty catalogs on Edelweiss, including . . .

The Eerdmans Religion and
Politics Catalog 
The Eerdmans Christmas Catalog 
 Even (one of our personal favorites) the International Children’s Books from Eerdmans Catalog.

We hope you’ll enjoy exploring all of our Edelweiss catalogs. We’ll be adding more books and more catalogs as the months pass.

We would be curious to know, though, going forward: which new Eerdmans specialty catalogs would you like to see on Edelweiss?

Click here to visit the Eerdmans Archaeology and Dead Sea Scrolls Catalog on Edelweiss, or to browse the complete collection of Scrolls-related Eerdmans books on our website.