Video Interview with John Suk, Author of Not Sure (Part 1 of 2)

John Suk
John Suk

We had the pleasure of meeting with author and Christian Reformed pastor John Suk during his recent visit to Grand Rapids. He stopped by to talk with us about his new book Not Sure: A Pastor’s Journey from Faith to Doubt, an eyes-wide-open journey through both the history of Christian faith and the shifting reality of Suk’s own spiritual life.

In this, the first of eight excerpts from the interview we’ll be publishing on EerdWord today and tomorrow, Suk provides a brief overview of the book.

Suk was driven to write the book after a severe crisis of faith he experienced after years of faithful ministry as a pastor and denominational leader. Here, he describes what it was like for him to be blindsided by doubt.

Though he was for a time sorely tempted to abandon his weakened faith entirely, Suk today is still a Christian, still a pastor — still a believer. The nature of his faith has been profoundly changed by his experiences, though. Here he describes what faith has become for him.

Suk has never completely emerged from that time of doubting — he lives and ministers today with both faith and doubt — but he has come to regard his doubt not as a curse, but as a gift, a kind of second sight.

Check back tomorrow for more excerpts from our interview with John Suk, in which he describes how the “second sight” of doubt has caused him to question common paradigms of Christian belief — including a “personal relationship with Jesus,” the “health and wealth gospel,” and what he calls “ethnic tribalism.”

Click here to watch our interview with John Suk (~35 min.) in its entirety. 

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