Video Interview with John Suk, Author of Not Sure (Part 2 of 2)

John Suk
John Suk

We had the pleasure of meeting with author and Christian Reformed pastor John Suk during his recent visit to Grand Rapids. He stopped by to talk with us about his new book Not Sure: A Pastor’s Journey from Faith to Doubt, an eyes-wide-open journey through both the history of Christian faith and the shifting reality of Suk’s own spiritual life.

In the following excerpts from our video interview, Suk describes how the “second sight” of doubt has led him to question common paradigms of Christian belief — the “personal relationship with Jesus,” the “health and wealth gospel,” and what he calls “ethnic tribalism.”

First, Suk challenges the use of language that describes Christian faith as a “personal relationship with Jesus” — language that is often pervasive in Christian churches today.

Suk explains why he has come to have no patience for those who preach a “health and wealth” prosperity gospel.

Suk cautions against the pitfalls of ethnicity-based church traditions (even as he admits a deep fondness for his own Dutch Reformed heritage and church community).

Finally, Suk describes the reactions he has personally received from other pastors who have read his book.

Click here to watch our interview with John Suk (~35 min.) in its entirety. 

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