Two “Poems of the Incarnation” by Luci Shaw

From the time she was a child in Toronto, celebrated poet Luci Shaw has sent Advent greetings to her friends and family with a carefully crafted original poem. What began for Shaw as a simple childhood exercise eventually became a beloved annual tradition.

Luci Shaw
Luci Shaw

Shaw’s Accompanied by Angels gathers these “Poems of the Incarnation” into a single slim volume perfect for Advent and Christmas. 

Today, we share two brief poems from this transcendent collection. 

* * *


Luke 1:39–45

Framed in light,
Mary sings through the doorway.
Elizabeth’s six-month joy
jumps, a palpable greeting,
a hidden first encounter
between son and Son.

And my heart turns over
when I meet Jesus
in you.

* * *

Accompanied by Angels: Poems of the Incarnation
Accompanied by Angels: Poems of the Incarnation


Down he came from up,
and in from out,
and here from there.
A long leap,
an incandescent fall
from magnificent
to naked, frail, small,
through space,
between stars,
into our chill night air,
shrunk, in infant grace,
to our damp, cramped
earthy place
among all
the shivering sheep.

And now, after all,
there he lies,
fast asleep.