Forthcoming Volume Offers Expert Perspectives on Talpiot Controversies

Thanks in large part to the Discovery Channel’s planned broadcast tonight of “The Resurrection Tomb Mystery” — a documentary based on James Tabor and Simcha Jacobovici’s Jesus Discovery — there has been a flurry of recent online discussion by scholars and amateurs alike about the tombs Tabor and Jacobovici excavated in the Talpiot neighborhood in Jerusalem. Representative samples of this (sometimes vigorous) discourse can be found here, here, here, and here.

Several of these discussions — debating the merit and meaning of the findings popularly known as the “resurrection tomb,” the “Jesus family tomb,” the “James ossuary,” and the “Jonah ossuary” — make reference to the 2008 Princeton Symposium. This international congress brought scores of experts together in Jerusalem to examine Second Temple-period Jewish burial practices and views of the afterlife and to evaluate the so-called “Jesus family tomb” in context.

We’re pleased to announce that the conference papers from this landmark event will soon be published. The forthcoming volume — entitled The Tomb of Jesus and His Family? Exploring Ancient Tombs Near Jerusalem’s Walls and edited by James Charlesworth and Arthur Boulet — is currently scheduled for an October release.

Examining the archaeological facts about ancient Jewish burial customs, first-century inscriptions, the Talpiot tomb, the James ossuary, the Holy Sepulcher, Hazon Gabriel, and beliefs about burial and the afterlife within Second Temple Judaism, this volume will offer perspectives on the issues at stake in the Talpiot controversies from an impressive array of experts:

  • Mordechai Aviam
  • Arthur C. Boulet
  • James H. Charlesworth
  • Claude Cohen-Matlofsky
  • April D. DeConick
  • Binyamin Elizur
  • Casey D. Elledge
  • Mark Elliott
  • Howard R. Feldman
  • Joseph A. Fitzmyer
  • Camil Fuchs
  • Shimon Gibson
  • Rachel Hachlili
  • Eldad Keynan
  • Kevin Kilty
  • Amos Kloner
  • Israel Knohl
  • Wolfgang E. Krumbein
  • Andre Lemaire
  • Lee Martin McDonald
  • Charles Pellegrino
  • Stephen Pfann
  • Petr Pokorny
  • Jonathan J. Price
  • Christopher A. Rollston
  • Amnon Rosenfeld
  • Jane Schaberg
  • Andrew Sills
  • Mark Spigelman
  • James D. Tabor
  • Ada Yardeni
  • Konstantinos Th. Zarras

Many details about the book have yet to be finalized — including, for the present, the cover design. Recognizing the current need for and interest in this volume, however, we are making it available for backorder on our website beginning today.

Click here to learn more about — or to place your advance order for — The Tomb of Jesus and His Family? Exploring Ancient Tombs Near Jerusalem’s Walls.