Book Trailer for The #Juvenilization of American Christianity [Video]

The Juvenilization of American Christianity
The Juvenilization of American Christianity

As you may remember from our posts here, here, here, here, and here, we love book trailers — those short promotional videos that allow book lovers everywhere to shine bright rays of literacy into the darkened movie theater that is YouTube.

Throughout the past few months, we’ve been experimenting with creating our own book trailers. It’s a new world for us, accustomed as we are to working with words (we are a publisher, after all) rather than with moving pictures and soundtracks.

We are determined to learn this new medium, however, and to that end, we now present our third-ever try at a book trailer, this time for Thomas E. Bergler’s new book The Juvenilization of American Christianity, which released last week.

Watch it and let us know what you think — not only about the video quality (we know we still have room to grow there) but also about the premise of the book.

Have you witnessed examples of “juvenilization” in American church life? Tell us about them in the comments, or use #juvenilization to share them with us on Twitter (@eerdmansbooks).

Click here to order The Juvenilization of American Christianity by Thomas E. Bergler. 

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