“Reclaiming a Right Understanding of Tolerance in China” by Paul Peng

A few months ago on EerdWord, Eerdmans subsidiary rights manager Tom DeVries chronicled his trip to the Frankfurt Book Fair and shared a few of the titles that were of special interest to the foreign publishing partners he met with there — including one then-forthcoming book in particular:

“This time around, I got some great feedback from foreign publishers about D. A. Carson’s The Intolerance of Tolerance, which is already being translated in multiple languages — before the English edition is even out!”

One of the foreign publishers that has already purchased rights to publish Carson’s book abroad is Enoch Communications, a Hong Kong-based Christian publisher which is currently working on a translation it plans to release in China next year.

Paul Peng, who heads up Enoch Communications, kindly sent us the following statement explaining why he was so eager to publish a Chinese edition.

(Sadly, Peng will be unable to read this post in its final form, as he reports being unable to access EerdWord from Hong Kong. Our blog appears to have been blocked there by government censors — a regrettable reality that affirms the relevance of Carson’s message for a worldwide audience.) 

* * *

The Intolerance of Tolerance
The Intolerance of Tolerance

The book Tolerance, written by Hendrik Willem van Loon was translated and published in China in 1990. It had a great influence on Chinese intellectuals. For decades, most people here have held a concept of tolerance in which the tolerant person occupies neutral ground, a place of complete impartiality where each person is permitted to decide for himself and no judgments are allowed — in which each takes a neutral posture towards another’s convictions. But this concept of tolerance is very dangerous to our society, because it leads people to the belief that “there is no truth.”

In today’s China, the church is reviving and Christianity is growing rapidly. We feel a strong need to reclaim the idea of tolerance from secular humanism and redefine it. We think it is thus very important for us to introduce the book The Intolerance of Tolerance to Chinese Christian readers to help them hold fast to their beliefs.

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