Free Called to Lead Bonus Chapter Now Available

Called to Lead

After receiving feedback from readers disappointed that they did not discuss 2 Timothy 3:1-9 in their book Called to Lead: Paul’s Letters to Timothy for a New Day, authors Anthony B. Robinson and Robert W. Wall have joined forces once again to write a bonus chapter on the passage.

Here is Anthony Robinson’s abstract of the new chapter:

Toward the conclusion of the Timothy correspondence, Paul warns Timothy  that he lives in a dangerous time. In such an anxious and confusing time, false and deceptive teachers will take advantage of vulnerable and immature believers. They will parade a facade of godliness, but without the transforming power of the gospel. For Christian preachers and teachers today, it is also a dangerous time. Check out this ancient wisdom and its meaning for today’s church and pastoral leaders.

Robinson and Wall’s Called to Lead bonus chapter, entitled “Preachers of Least Resistance,” is now freely available in its entirety here.

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