Series Trailer for the ILLUMINATIONS Commentary Series

Yesterday we proudly introduced our newest Bible commentary series, ILLUMINATIONS, and its inaugural volume, Job 1-21 (now available!).
Job 1–21, the inaugural volume in the ILLUMINATIONS commentary series.
This innovative biblical resource offers both accessible interpretation and in-depth commentary, focusing not only on the text in its original context but also on how it has been received and understood throughout the ages. It seeks “to alert the reader to the history of conversation surrounding biblical texts and to invite the reader to enter it.”

Today we’re pleased to share with you the following series trailer featuring general editor C. L. Seow. Enjoy!

Click to order C. L. Seow’s Job 1–21: Interpretation and Commentary, the opening volume in the ILLUMINATIONS commentary series.

To discover more about ILLUMINATIONS:

  • Visit the official series website:
  • Read a basic introduction to the series on EerdWord. 
  • Read an excerpt from C. L. Seow’s Job 1–21: Interpretation and Commentary.
  • Check out an interview with C. L. Seow about the series published in Marginalia. 
  • Be sure to stop by EerdWord regularly throughout this week, as we’ll be sharing additional details and content relating to the series and its inaugural volume Job 1–21 each morning.