Video Interview with C. L. Seow

Job 1–21, the inaugural volume in the ILLUMINATIONS commentary series.
Job 1–21

We’ve talked a lot about the new ILLUMINATIONS commentary series on EerdWord this week. One thing we haven’t yet done, however, is allow C. L. Seow — general editor of the series and author of its inaugural volume, Job 1–21 — to tell you about ILLUMINATIONS in his own words.

For the remainder of this week, however, that is exactly what we will be doing.

Tomorrow, we’ll preempt our regular Eerdmans All Over roundup to publish an original post by Seow — sent to us directly from Hong Kong, where he’s spending the summer.

Today, we’re sharing a ten-minute video interview we filmed with him last November in Chicago at the Society of Biblical Literature Annual Meeting. In the video, he describes the “Aha! moment” that inspired the series, the fresh way in which it aims to approach the task of biblical interpretation, and how that fresh approach plays out in his new volume on Job. Enjoy!

Click to order C. L. Seow’s Job 1–21: Interpretation and Commentary, the opening volume in the ILLUMINATIONS commentary series.

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  • Be sure to stop by EerdWord regularly throughout this week, as we’ll be sharing additional details and content relating to the series and its inaugural volume Job 1–21 each morning.