Pay No Attention to the Eerdfolks behind the Curtain

Rachel Bomberger
Rachel Bomberger

Hi. It’s me. Rachel Bomberger.

I’m stepping briefly out from behind the cozy curtain of corporate anonymity today to let you — our faithful blog readers and social media followers — know about a few transitions currently taking place within the Eerdmans Internet marketing department.

Since 2011, when Debbie Head left us (read about that in “A Sad Day for Eerdmans”), I have had the privilege and the pleasure of leading a two-person team responsible for all of Eerdmans’s and EBYR’s online activities — our website, blog, e-newsletters, web-based advertising, online catalogs, and social media presence on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr, and even Google Plus.

My duties have also included taking a hands-on role in writing and editing content for EerdWord and EerdBlurbs, our monthly e-newsletter, and our Facebook and Twitter feeds.

If, in the past two years, you’ve read an unsigned post here on EerdWord . . . that was me.

If you’ve received a reply to your clever tweet about how the new Illuminations commentary series will now be competing for your food money (here’s looking at you, @voxstefani!) . . . that was me.

If you’ve read one of our newsletters, learned about a featured author on our website, or had a question about the NICNT answered via Facebook . . . that was me.

If you’ve enjoyed one of the cool book trailers on our YouTube channel . . . that was not me. That was the talented Ahna Ziegler (more on her in a minute). I probably helped, though.

This summer, however, my increasing family obligations are compelling me to step off the professional joyride I’ve been on for the past two years into a part-time position here at Eerdmans. For me, this transition means a bittersweet but much-needed change of pace. For you, it means primarily that, after today, the words you read on our social media feeds and elsewhere will have a slightly different style and tone.

Ahna Ziegler
Ahna Ziegler

Without further ado, then — before all three of us quickly dash back behind the curtain — please allow me to introduce you to the new faces of the Internet marketing department here at Eerdmans.

Ahna Ziegler, who formerly served ably as our Internet Marketing Assistant, will now take my place as Internet Marketing Manager. Besides overseeing the full range of our online activities, Ahna will be personally responsible for video editing, creating website and advertising graphics, and managing our Instagram and Pinterest accounts.

Jacob Thielman
Jacob Thielman

Jacob Thielman, who started at Eerdmans just this week, will be our Internet Marketing Assistant going forward. A recent graduate of Princeton Theological Seminary, a proud new dad, and a bona fide book-loving theology geek, Jacob will handle the day-to-day maintenance of, along with our e-newsletters; online catalogs; weekly Eerdmans All Over news roundup; daily interactions on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and other social networks; and more.

And as for me? I’ll still be here. Right here, in fact. My new official title is EerdWord Editor. Catchy, no? In this newly created position, I’ll be devoting all my creative energy to the task of bringing you even more great blog content — more author posts, more interviews, more insider Eerdmans news, more sneak peeks, more videos, more everything.

I may even, along with others of my fellow Eerdfriends, make the occasional trip out from behind the curtain to tell you in my own voice about yet another great Eerdmans book.