Book Trailer (and More) Starring Jack Levison and Inspired


Eugene Peterson has called Jack Levison — author of Inspired: The Holy Spirit and the Mind of Faith — “the clearest writer on the Holy Spirit that I have known.”

In his newest book Levison (whose other books include the groundbreaking study Filled with the Spirit) speaks a fresh prophetic word to the church, championing a unique blend of serious Bible study and Christian spirituality. With rich insight, he shows Christians of any church or denomination how they can take the Spirit into the grit of everyday life. Levison argues for an indispensable synergy between spontaneity and study, ecstasy and restraint, inspiration and interpretation.

To help us share his bold new work with you properly, Levison recently helped us put together the three short videos below.

The first — the official book trailer — provides a compelling introduction to the book’s key themes and ideas.

The second video lays out the basic structure of the book.

The third video cuts to the heart of Levison’s purpose in writing the book: to offer a constructive pneumatological agenda for a world church whose divergent understandings of the nature and work of the Holy Spirit pose an increasingly grave threat to its unity. 

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