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Book Spine Poetry PhotoWell, that’s it, folks! It’s 12:00 a.m., and the entry phase of our Book Spine Poetry Photo Contest has now officially ended.

We’re not done yet, though. Now we need your help to choose our winners! Visit the official contest page to browse all the entries and cast your vote for the ones you like best (up to three).

If you have entered a poem in the contest (and even, perhaps, if you haven’t), don’t forget to invite friends and family to vote as well.

The voting phase of the contest will continue until midnight next Friday, September 7.

Click to view the complete collection of entries and vote for your favorites.

Have you submitted a book spine poem to our little contest yet?

If you haven’t, you should!

Winners will receive gift certificates worth up to $100 in Eerdmans books — and which of us couldn’t use a little extra book-buying power in the back-to-school season?

In case you’re still not sure what a book spine poem is or how to create one, here’s an encore presentation of our helpful video demonstration:

The Pilgrim's Progress

Author Darrin Snyder Belousek submitted this poem, entitled “The Pilgrim’s Progress.”
(Click the image to view all qualifying poems entered thus far.)

You can read the contest rules in their entirety when you enter, but here they are in a nutshell:

1. Your poem must contain at least three books.

2. Of those books, at least one must be an Eerdmans title.

That’s it — now get out there and assemble your poem!

Submissions will be accepted until midnight Friday; the one-week voting period will begin bright and early Saturday morning.

Click to enter the Eerdmans Book Spine Poetry Photo Contest.

Book Spine Poetry PhotoYesterday, we hinted that our big event today in the Eerdmans Tournament of Books would allow you — our honored judges — to become contestants.

This morning, we explain how.

Faithful EerdWord readers may remember that, back in April, EBYR shared Easter greetings in the form of book spine poetry — crafted by stacking book spines strategically one on top of the other to create a semi-coherent verse using the words of the various titles.

What we somehow failed to mention in that post was how much fun it was to create those poems — so much fun, in fact, that since then, folks around Eerdmans haven’t stopped encouraging us to find some way to invite others to try out this innovative genre.

Now, at last, as part of the Eerdmans Tournament of Books, we are issuing an official invitation to the Eerdmans Book Spine Poetry Photo Contest — and to sweeten the invitation, we’re offering prizes worth up to $100 in free Eerdmans books to the winners.

Here’s how to enter:

  1. Scour your library for books whose titles might work well together in a poem. Be sure to hunt down at least one Eerdmans title.
  2. Stack and arrange at least three books so that the words on the spine are clearly visible and, when read together, at least vaguely resemble poetry.
  3. Take a photo of your poem and post it to our contest app on Facebook.

Still confused? Check out this video demonstration:

In case you missed it, the poem featured in the video (and the photo at the top of the post) reads as follows:

Take and Read
A River of Words
Listening for the Spirit in the Text
In Other Words
Eat This Book

It’s not too shabby (if we do say so) — but we’re betting that you can do better!

You can read the official contest rules  in their entirety when you visit the contest app, but here are the basics:

Entries will be accepted between August 1 and August 31, 2012. Contestants may submit up to three photographs simultaneously at the time of entry, but may only enter once.

Entries will be judged by popular vote between September 1 and September 7, 2012. During that time, voters will be able to cast one vote apiece for up to three separate entries.

Winners will be notified by email after September 7, and will announced publicly here and on Facebook September 10, 2012, when the prizes will be awarded as follows:

  • Grand Prize (1): $100 gift certificate to Eerdmans.
  • Second Prize (1): $50 gift certificate to Eerdmans.
  • Third Prize (2): $25 gift certificate to Eerdmans.

This contest is open to U.S. residents 18 or older. 

Now, as the video above suggested, we heartily encourage you to . . .

Raid your library.
Pile up poetry.
Win free books.

Update: Through an unfortunately typo in our original post, we indicated that there would be two $50 second-place prizes awarded. Official contest rules, however, stipulate that only one second-place prize will be offered, so we have updated the post to correct the error. We apologize for the confusion.

Click to visit our contest page and enter your original poem in our Book Spine Poetry Photo Contest.

Not on Facebook? Don’t worry! You can still participate: click here.  

And be sure to stop by again tomorrow, when Eerdmans titles will go head to head for the honor of being crowned champion in our Catchiest Book Title competition.



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